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The North West Region of Saskatchewan includes the cities of North Battleford and Meadow Lake, and the town of Kindersley. It also includes numerous medium- to small to size towns and villages, and several rural municipalities consisting of small hamlets, farms, and small acreages.

The lure of north Saskatchewan lies in its natural beauty. Rolling farm and ranchland give way to boreal forest and lakes that stretch all the way to the Northwest Territories. Parks offer amenities and accessibility, and adventure waits outside your door.

Stories & Profiles

Kristan Piderbski

Registered Psychiatric Nurse

North Battleford, SK

Kristan speaks about the close connections developed with clients, coworkers and members of the community.

Mike Kramm

Mental Health Therapist

North Battleford, SK

Learn about North Battleford’s new hospital, therapy programs, and life away from the hospital.

Things to do

Northwest, SK

North Battleford, SK

Northwest, SK