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Cost of Living

Small in size, big in opportunity

Known for its hospitality and friendliness, life in Saskatchewan is also something you can afford! In February 2022, the average house price was $284,100. In early 2022, the unemployment rate was 5.4%, below the national average of 5.9%. Saskatchewan boasts a high quality of life and a low cost of living.

There are many ways Saskatchewan provides more balance, more quality of life and more possibilities:

  • There are no personal premiums or personal charges for basic health care services in Saskatchewan.
  • The provincial sales tax of six per cent is the lowest of any province that charges sales tax.
  • It costs less to go to and from work because the average commute time within major cities is 20 minutes.
  • Saskatchewan has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in Canada (12%).
  • There is no tuition fee for pre-kindergarten to grade 12 education in public schools for Saskatchewan residents.
  • Housing costs are lower than in most major cities in Canada, so owning a home is affordable and achievable.

Cost of Buying a House

Canadian Province Comparison

ProvinceAverage House Price
March 2022
Canada $  796,068
British Columbia $ 1,089,600
Alberta $  472,746
Saskatchewan $  289,600
Manitoba $  380,707
Ontario $ 1,052,920
Quebec $  499,209
New Brunswick  $  300,900
Nova Scotia $  390,200
Prince Edward Island $  328,500
Newfoundland & Labrador $  324,200
Yukon $ 538,228
Northwest Territories $ 359,648
Source: Canadian Real Estate Association

Canadian City Comparison

Canadian CityAverage House Price
March 2022
Greater Vancouver, British Columbia $ 1,360,500
Kamloops, British Columbia$  638,900
Calgary, Alberta$  503,400
Medicine Hat, Alberta$  301,563
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan$  334,100
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan $  187,200
Yorkton, Saskatchewan$  207,800
Winnipeg, Manitoba$  348,900
Brandon, Manitoba $  263,797
Greater Toronto, Ontario$ 1,376,000
Thunder Bay, Ontario$  358,265
Halifax, Nova Scotia$  493,200
Source: Canadian Real Estate Association