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Resident Doctors

Engage in the journey!

As you journey through residency, there are a many programs in Saskatchewan for you to take advantage of and resources to help you along the way! Whether you are completing residency at USask or in another province, Saskatchewan has much to offer you as a place to live and practice.

Explore Communities and Build your Network

See for yourself! We encourage your to explore our communities through electives, weekend getaways and to express interest in practicing in communities that interest you early on in your training.

  • The Saskatchewan Electives Support Program can help you cover costs for travel and accommodations and keep you focused on making the most out of your elective.
  • The Saskatchewan Medical Association’s Roadmap Program takes you on tours by bus or plane, so you can explore all that Saskatchewan has to offer. Additionally, if you are a Family Medicine Resident you may be eligible for the Family Medicine Resident Bursary.
  • We at saskdocs offer one-on-one career advising to assist you in finding the right fit and connecting you to practices around the province.
  • Visit the community practice profiles and lifestyle sections of our website to learn more about what’s out there for you.

Leadership Development

Throughout your residency you will no doubt be trained by the best and brightest our medical universities have to offer. In addition to your residency training there are many leadership development opportunities available to you.

  • The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) has a number of different leadership opportunities available through the Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) that will prepare you to be a more effective leader. The SMA sponsors seats for residents in each course to help offset the costs.
  • The Canadian Medical Association gives resident doctors access to a range of programs to develop your leadership and advocacy skills.
  • The Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL) provides support and development opportunities for Canadian physicians to help them succeed in their leadership and management roles in health care.

Pathway to Practice

You’ve entered residency training and you’re ready to take your career to the next level. There are so many things to consider, where should you begin? This is a common question at this stage of your career.

Regardless of the length of your residency program we suggest that you start career planning 24 to 18 months from completing your residency. And start applying for practice opportunities 18 to 9 months from completion.

Throughout your residency, you will interact with peers, mentors and colleagues in various health
professions. These interactions will help you identify practice opportunities. Knowing what you are looking for in your future practice and community will help you find the right fit. There are many factors to consider so it’s important to take some time to make note of what kind of practice you are interested in and what amenities are important to you and your family. Considering these important factors will help you find your perfect opportunity!

The Pathway to Practice will help you one step at a time.