October 05 2017

Dr. Brad McIntyre, a family physician in the southeast Saskatchewan town of Redvers, clearly remembers the two South African physicians who practised in his nearby hometown of Alida while he was growing up.

“They were really friendly guys and they made family medicine really appealing for me. They set a good example of what I think a family physician in rural Saskatchewan should be doing.”

Dr. McIntyre completed his own residency in family medicine in Swift Current and was well-prepared for his career ahead in rural health care. He feels his current role as a family physician in Redvers is a perfect opportunity on multiple levels. With two young daughters, being geographically close to his extended family and a tight-knit group of friends definitely has its benefits (his wife is from nearby Minot, North Dakota). Another highlight is that Dr. McIntyre still farms with his family when he has time.

“One of the advantages of practising medicine in a place like Redvers is that you are close to family. I know I can walk down the street to my house to look after my kids, or I can drive a short distance to ‘de-stress’ and do farm work, and then I can be back here at the health centre in only a few minutes if need be,” says Dr. McIntyre.

“When you practise rural family medicine, you use a wide range of skills and you’re with a small professional group in a small community. While resources may be limited, the scope of practice is broad. You could be monitoring a patient with chest pains and referring them to a cardiologist, dealing with a trauma and working with a STARS team, and then setting a broken bone. It all depends on the day.”

Dr. McIntyre  loves the diversity of his practice as one of two doctors in the town – treating patients with anything from a cough or a cold, all the way to mild cognitive impairment or a stroke. Redvers also has a 40-bed long-term care facility where he does rounds. Being in a smaller community means practising beginning-to-end patient care and working consistently with colleagues to ensure a team-based approach to care.

“Living in rural Saskatchewan was always in my plan. There is lots of room, lots of places to explore, affordable living and a lifestyle with something different each season.”

Hear Dr. McIntyre's story in his own words by watching this video. While you're there, subscribe to our Vimeo channel to learn more about the many great physicians currently practising in Saskatchewan.

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