April 11 2018

“I have never for a day regretted that I decided to come to Saskatchewan to live and work.”

Dr. Joseph Akinjobi’s medical journey began many years ago in Nigeria, a country far from Saskatchewan where he completed medical training. He didn’t know it at the time, but Dr. Akinjobi’s career path would eventually lead him into practicing family medicine a half a world away in Lanigan, Saskatchewan.

Dr. Akinjobi is a new doctor that began practicing in our province early in 2017. He was one of the graduates of the September 2016 intake of the Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA) program. Dr. Akinjobi admits that the decision to move to Saskatchewan wasn’t an easy one to make for him and his family, but he has no regrets whatsoever:

I enjoyed every bit of my training and time back in Nigeria and I would not trade those moments of my life for anything. As I grew up, of course changes took place and I eventually found out that a peaceful mind cannot be substituted for anything. If a peaceful, quiet and meaningful life is what you want – where you can enjoy a perfect work-life balance – then so far I think Saskatchewan is the place to be.”

Dr. Akinjobi and his family have been in Lanigan for less than a year, but they love the community, the people, the sense of place that comes with a small prairie town and the medical practice where he works.

Saskatchewan wasn’t the Akinjobi’s first home. They’ve moved around the world and have lived in West Africa, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia. Each one of those countries holds a special memory for Dr. Akinjobi so when it came time to consider practicing medicine, and moving the entire family to Saskatchewan, he did not take the decision lightly. Now that the Akinjobi’s have settled and become used to the regular routines of everyday life, they love Lanigan and this physician loves his workplace and the people he works with.

”In the last few months in Lanigan I have seen team work like I’ve never seen before. I think this boils down to passion for the job and the exceptional dedication of highly experienced staff and colleagues. We operate an open policy whereby we discuss issues freely amongst ourselves without any resentment. We always conduct a quick debriefing about our work, we are quick to identify gaps in our practices and how we can quickly bridge them so that we can continually offer the best services to our clients. We have a solid team approach.”

Another aspect of work that Dr. Akinjobi particularly likes is how dynamic and team-oriented the approach to care is in Lanigan; referral systems are tightly organized and everyone is willing to chip in and help to provide better care. That makes Dr. Akinjobi feel confident in what he does and if he does need support, it is only a phone call away.

Dr. Akinjobi and his wife have two girls and a boy who are actively involved in the community. He is happy with their decision to move to this picturesque, rural community.

“My wife who is a public health professional as well chose Saskatchewan as the home for our family. She has a post-graduate degree from the University of Saskatchewan. I tried to woo her to loving Western Australia where I was before now, but she said Saskatchewan is it. I guess I now know why that was so.”

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